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Love Tantric Massage Explained!

All Love Tantric Goddesses have trained in the art of providing both mental and physical sensual arousal and satisfaction, together as one.
Initially, helping you to relax and unwind using their own special massage and relaxation talents, then gradually and intentionally building up your sensual arousal in intensity until you are taken beyond the absolute limit of what you would normally expect possible. Finally, at a point you never thought you could reach, they release you into a state of total satisfaction and relaxation using skilled and time honoured manipulation techniques.

Why Love Tantric?

If you have never experienced a Love Tantric Massage, be in no doubt, it will leave you satisfied in a way that may feel familiar to you, though is unlikely you ever felt quite the same levels of intensity.

This is because a Love Tantric Masseuse is 100% committed to focusing entirely on your sensual arousal for the 'whole duration' of your time spent together, whilst still ensuring your complete satisfaction by the time you part company.

We believe this alone sets us apart from any ‘escort’ experience you might have had where it is quite possible to have felt rushed and be left feeling unsatisfied or even taken advantage of.
We hear many horror stories where escorts have been less than interested in client satisfaction, and more interested in taking clients money and bringing the date to and end at the first opportunity.

So although a Love Tantric Massage is an immensely sensually arousing experience, it does not involve penetrative intercourse or oral sex. Though what it does give you is total satisfaction in a much more intense and exciting, and ultimately, more fulfilling way.

Tantric Massage and You

As Love Tantric Goddesses are not escorts, we ask all clients to respect their professional pride and please refrain from soliciting or asking for ‘extra’ services. All Love Tantric masseuses are strictly forbidden to carry out, or accept payment for penetrative intercourse or oral sex during the time spent with you.
We also ask all clients to remain passive during the massage, this means not groping or grabbing at the masseuse. Also please do not greet your masseuse in a state of inebriation.

We guarantee this will ultimately lead to a more intense experience for you

Ultimately, our priority is that upon meeting a Love Tantric Goddess, our clients are able to sit back, relax, enjoy the bountiful pleasures of Tantric massage and come away happy and fully satisfied.



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