London Nuru Massage

Time to get Slippy!!

Nuru massage is taking the sensual massage world by storm. Though it is an ancient technique, the last five years has witnessed an incredible boost in the popularity of all things Nuru.

What is Nuru Massage?

The secret to Nuru comes from the name, which translates from Japanese slippery or smooth. So, this is, in effect, a slippery massage. The slippiness is achieved through the use of a special gel called, aptly enough, nuru gel. ┬áThe special gel is composed of seaweed extract and is smooth and odorless. If you’ve ever had an ultrasound, the gel is very similar to this.

The gel is heated to slightly above room temperature and applied liberally – think all over your body – to begin the massage. In addition to the gel, the trademark element of a professional Nuru massage is that both the masseuse and the client are entirely naked and ┬áthe masseuse uses her entire body to perform the massage, which is why this is also often known as a body glide massage.

Though many adult movie websites use Nuru massage as a plot device that depicts sexual acts. The massage itself doesn’t have to conclude in sex. The theory behind covering two naked bodies in slippery gel and using one entire body to massage another is that it will provide incredible tactile stimulation. When you’re covered in gel, and you masseuse is using all of her incredible figure to massage your joints and muscles it’s easy to forget where one person ends and the next begins. As your Nuru massage proceeds you may experience a feeling of melting, a disconnection from your physical self. This, invariably, will lead to the evaporation of all your stress, when you can let go of that and enjoy the pleasures of Nuru you’ll understand why this technique is so popular.